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Patient Education Resources

References are for informational purposes only. The listing is not all inclusive but provides examples of resources for patients with kidney disease, hypertension, transplantation, and related ailments.  Other sites are provided as a reference for patients, maintained independently of our practice, and are solely responsible for their content accuracy.  It is important to call the doctor for recommendations specific to your individual healthcare needs.


Chronic Kidney Disease Kidney Transplantation
American Association of Kidney Patients The Transplant Experience
American Diabetes Association Lee Memorial - Gulfcoast Transplant Center 
American Kidney Fund Tampa General Hospital Transplant Center
National Kidney Foundaton (NKF)

Miami Transplant Institute

National Kidney Disease Eduaction Program (NKDEP) GFR Calculator - Safe Kidney Care

National Institute of Diabetes and Digestiveand Kidney disease (NIDDK)

Litholink - Kidney Stone Disease


Dialysis Companies
American Renal Associates
Fresenius Medical Care